The decision to create a website is not complete until you integrate your store with a shopping cart. The majority of the people get stuck not aware where to go after building their sites. Often, such challenge is brought about by the existence of so many websites themes that offer free shopping carts.

There are two types of shopping cart template free packages that you can get online –open source shopping carts and paid software packages. All of these have several advantages and disadvantages. We review the two types of shopping carts packages to help you make the best decision.

Paid software shopping cart

The paid software shopping cart packages such as Miva Merchant or XCart require you to make an upfront payment for a license, as well as an additional subscription fee that is payable monthly. For individuals with limited technical knowledge, such option is the best. However, the only thing that you are paying for is the technical support as well as the fact that there is someone ready to address your shopping cart issues should any arise.

The majority of the paid shopping chart software have fixed features. As such, if there is anything which you need that is not part of the current package, you are required to make a feature request. Such requests add on to the cost of your package.

Open source shopping carts

There are several open source shopping cart templates that you can find online. This option is ideal for people who have no fear getting their hands quite dirty by doing all the work. The majority of website templates include a shopping cart template free. Also, such carts have limitless and customizable features allowing you to tweak your cart to your preferred style.

If there is any feature that is missing for your open source cart, you have nothing to worry since there must be a free plugin that aligns with the missing feature. However, the challenge is that you do not get a dedicated support and hence, you will be required to get help through forums. The good news is that you do not need any web development or technical skills to have your open source shopping cart running. You can use the discussions in the forums and still manage to get solutions to your problems.

While open source and paid shopping carts options have different pros and cons, it is advisable to examine and compare the options available from several website themes and online merchants before settling on one.